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Great King - Moschato Spinas (White dry)

Great King - Moschato Spinas (White dry) Wines & Spirits
Great King - Moschato Spinas (White dry)
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An elegant and crispy Moschato Spinas, pleasant for every occasion.

Moschato Spinas is an extremely rare indigenous grape variety. The grape variety originated from the west part of Crete.

In ancient times it was called bee grape, because the bees used to gather around the basket at harvest time, probably due to its sweet and intense Aromas.

The exciting about this wine is the contrast between nose and mouth.

On the nose, it is really sweet and flowery while on the mouth it is crispy and vivid.

It pairs great with nuts, fruits, light meals of delicate flavors, and seafood.

Grape Variety

100% Muscat of Spinas

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